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As a seller of a floating home, you probably have lived or owned your home for some time.  There are fun quirks and memories you want to convey because it makes your floating home special.  We all know each one has its own story to tell.  I want to make sure your story is told to the next owner because it's not only your home, but a lifestyle that you've been experiencing and to be able to express that is important to me.


There are two things that are the most important when listing your floating home or houseboat and we can talk about those during our consultation.  I've been listing and selling floating homes since 2010 and their values have increased particularly over the last five or six years.  Sometimes I get lucky and meet someone who has lived on the lake for a very long time.  I remember hosting an open house one day in Eastlake.  A couple came to visit the home I was selling because they lived in the neighborhood.  We naturally started talking about floating homes. They told me they used to own one at the end of a dock.  Well, there are less than 80 end of dock floating homes so I asked which one.  When they told me, I knew exactly the house.  When I asked why they sold it, they said it was just time to sell.  They sold it for $7,000 in 1975.  That house today is worth over $2 million dollars.

"Molly Cartwright is Seattle's Floating Homes
and Houseboat Community  Specialist."

"Hi Molly,

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to you for the excellent job you did in helping me sell the floating home. Both Jim and I were very impressed with your knowledge of the local market, your responsiveness to our needs, and overall professionalism. You were always available to answer my questions. We were very pleased with the final sale price. We would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home. Thank you again." -Lisa and Jim

It's true floating homes are a conversational piece.  Whether you live in Seattle or not, there is a level of curiosity about them that is fascinating for most everyone.  I enjoy being able to share my enthusiasm with you and represent your special place on the lake to someone who will love it just as much as you.

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