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Floating Homes

One of the most iconic communities in Seattle is the floating home community but little is known about it.  Molly has been one of the top listing agents for years in this tight knit community.  She is Windermere Real Estate's premier Floating Home Specialist who can educate and introduce you to the nuances of floating home ownership. Molly keeps her fingers on the pulse of this unique and limited market at all times. She is a member of the Floating Home Association and is a sponsor for the Floating Home Tour.  Click on some of these beautiful floating over water homes to learn the story behind each one.

"Molly, for years you have been a compassionate and forceful supporter of the floating home community. And continue to be today. Please know that it is much appreciated by all of us! Thank you so much."
~Peter Erickson, President of the Floating Home Association

Purchasing a floating home in the Seattle's competitive home buyers market can create a challenge because there are a very limited number available, and many sell before hitting the market. So, having the right broker helps potential Floating Home buyers and sellers stay up to date with the the activities taking place in these quaint communities.

Considering Selling or Buying a Floating Home in Seattle?
Reach out to Molly Cartwright for a conversation today.

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