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Do you have what it takes to live on a floating home or a houseboat?  What type of person lives on one?


Seattle is home to a vibrant community of these over water properties.  In fact there used to be thousands of floating homes reaching from Madison Park to the Duwamish River but today there are just 520 of them and their nucleus is centered around Lake Union and Portage Bay.  If you're a person who enjoys the attractions of living in a big city, but is happiest on the water you should consider a floating home.  


I can't tell you the feeling I get each time I get to share the experience with the natural wilderness right under my nose when I'm on a floating home dock, open house, or showing floating homes.  I'll never forget the beaver walking down the stairs to the dock in broad daylight with a huge piece of tree branch in his clenches.  Many people I've sold a floating home to or perhaps I'm meeting with a floating home seller, express their pure joy of how the water makes them feel at ease.  During the summer months, it's common to see dock neighbors hanging out in the channel on floaties during happy hour.  There are book clubs, wine clubs, beautification clubs, art night, and music festivals.  

"Molly Cartwright is Seattle's Floating Home and Houseboat Community  Specialist."

Each dock brings something unique to offer.  Each neighbor you meet is like a chapter in a book where you get to be a part of something bigger than yourself.  


I’ve been taking part in this dream for many buyers since 2010.  There is definitely a “who you know” mentality on the lake and this includes talking to the right lenders, inspectors, insurance agents, appraisers, divers, and contractors.  Many buyers ask me how these floating homes started, do you own the moorage, how does the sewer work...on and on and I love to educate each one of them.


There are 520 floating homes and about 250 houseboats.  Each one is unique and special for different reasons.  It could be the space, the light, the architecture, or simply the opportunity because there are such a limited supply.  Each year, approximately 25 to 30 floating homes sell and about 20 to 25 houseboats get sold.  


No matter if you are just beginning your floating home search and have questions, or you are ready to start looking at some homes because you feel it's the next step, I look forward to your call so we can get started together.

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