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Seattle's Floating Home and Houseboat Specialist


Seattle Realtor Molly Cartwright has more than 20 years of experience working with sellers and buyers throughout Seattle and the Pacific Northwest region.  Molly's history in the PNW and her current knowledge about Seattle's diverse and ever-evolving neighborhoods is invaluable to current or new Washington residents. 


"Your Real Estate Advocate and Advisor."

Whether you choose to live in a quiet neighborhood, a lively downtown community, a luxury waterfront property, or in a house that floats on a lake, Molly's experience with unique properties is one of her strengths.

Molly has the respect of her peers and is one of those unique and resourceful realtors whose reputation precedes her. 

"The decision to buy or sell a home is a big commitment. Having that conversation with Molly Cartwright is a good place to start."

Windermere Broker Molly Cartwright
Click to Email  |  Ph: 206-841-6800


"We were really appreciative Molly arranged all of the necessary inspectors so we could make an informed decision on a tight turnaround - we thought her quick coordination was really valuable! We also appreciated Molly's guidance on forming the offer (grounding us when we got excited and were thinking of throwing out a higher number than we needed) and throwing in the bonus of the seller credit that we hadn’t considered independently and ended up being really valuable for us." - Ben and Ali

"Dear Molly, Thank you so much for a wonderful job selling our beloved home!  We appreciate all of the work and attention to detail and wish you success in all your endeavors."  -Amanda & Eric

"We are so lucky to have met you, worked with you on the purchase and sale of our home, and now have you as part of our support system. Thank you!" - K and A

"Molly is energetic, fun, and gets the job done! As a Buyer, I had 20 minutes before the seller closed the bidding and she helped me come in with an offer that the seller couldn’t refuse, and I got my dream home! As a Seller, she helped me through difficult negotiations selling my Houseboat, and I got the price I wanted and in the end all parties were happy! She is a very talented Realtor and part of an excellent team!"

~Sue L., third time repeat client, Buyer & Seller


“You guys were terrific across all facets of this sale, from the initial prep work way ahead of actual listing, to adjusting for market conditions and consistently showing and pushing the home to its ultimate sale. It’s been a productive time with Molly with 3 transactions in the past 15 months – not sure we’ll be back for more soon but there is no one else with whom we will work in this entire state than Molly and her team. Perhaps it goes without saying, but if you need a reference, you know where to look!”

~Mark M., five time repeat client, Buyer & Seller

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